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Temperature Sensor

Monitor temperature in your sample

The Unisense thermosensor comes in three versions; two of them are robust sensors with a tip diameter of 2 mm and the third is a delicate glass microsensor with a tip diameter of as little as 200 µm.

The Temp-UniAmp thermosensor is a PT1000 element in a 2 mm steel casing. it is the standard sensor used for temperature compensation in the laboratory UniAmp portfolio.

The TP2000 thermosensor, is a mineral insulated thermocoupler with a tip diameter of 2 mm. The thermosensor can be used for most applications where a temperature measurement is required for monitoring or temperature compensation purposes.

The glass thermo-microsensor consists of a thermocoupler inside a tapered glass capillary. This sensor can be used to determine temperature micro gradients in different environments e.g. hot springs biofilms, compost piles, and sediments with steep temperature gradients due to volcanic activity.

Ordering Information

Temperature Sensors Outside tip diameter
TP-200 180-220 µm
TP-500 400-600 µm
TP-MR 400-600 µm
TP-N 1,1 x 40 mm - needle sensor
TP-NP 1,6 x 40 mm - needle sensor for piercing
Temp-UniAmp 2 mm
TP-2000 2 mm

Find a complete list of temperature microsensor specifications, including warranty and expected life time, below and possible microsensor customizations and adaptations under Related Products found to the right.

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Technical information

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