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Technical Information

Gas Tables and Technical Drawings

On this site you will find technical drawings of some of the relevant parts of the microsensors and microelectrodes.

In the right side you can find documents with gas tables, temperature dependency and further information on the microsensor technology.

Microsensor dimesions


Dimensions of a 500 µm and 5 µm oxygen microsensor tip, respectively. The inner dimensions of the two sensors are similar, however the glass walls of the 500 µm sensor are thicker making this sensor more robust.

pH microelectrode tip


The pH sensor tip consists of two pieces of glass glued together. The pH glass is proton sensitive, thus the sensing part of the sensor is all exposed pH glass. Even though the tip is only a few µm the pH measurement will be an integration of the microenvironment the total pH sensing glass is expering.

Needle sensor

Needle sensor

The microsensor tip is inserted into a steel needle giving the sensor maximal strength on the longitudinal axis. However, because of the joint construction between glass and steel, lateral movements of the needle may cause the glass sensor to break inside the needle. Thus, although they look sturdier, for some applications they are in fact more fragile than a normal sensor.

LEMO connectors

As per August 2010 all Unisense sensors were constructed with LEMO cable replacing BNC and banana connectors. The guard cable for the amperometric sensors are included in the LEMO connectors. BNC-LEMO adaptors can be purchased on request.