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Reference Electrode

Reference electrode for pH or Redox microelectrodes

Reference electrodes from Unisense are simple silver/silver-chloride open-ended electrodes designed to work with potentiometric microelectrodes (e.g. Unisense pH and Redox microelectrodes). For measurements with these sensors, it is important that the measuring sensor is in fluid contact with the reference. For most purposes this can be achieved with a large macro-reference. For some applications the sample is so small (e.g. a droplet) that the reference must be as small as the measuring microelectrode.

For laboratory use, Unisense provides a macro reference electrode from Radiometer Analytical. Our micro-sized reference electrodes are glass electrodes manufactured at Unisense. For in situ use, Unisense manufactures a pressure-compensated macro electrode.

Ordering Information

Standard Glass Sensor Outside tip diameter
REF-10 8-12 µm
REF-100 90-110 µm
REF-N 1,1 x 40 mm - needle sensor
REF-NP 1,6 x 40 mm - needle sensor for piercing
REF-RM 5 mm
REF-Insitu 5 mm

Find a complete list of reference microsensor specifications, including warranty and expected life time, below and possible microsensor customizations and adaptations under Related Products found to the right.

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Technical information

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