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 We are happy to inform you that we have made the Unisense H2 microsensor even better! 

We have improved the electrochemistry of the H2 microsensor and thereby improved the sensor performance. The new version benefits from:

  • Fast response time. The graph below shows the response for a H2-500 sensor.
  • Option to get a response time (90%) less than 0.3 seconds for H2-100 and smaller tip sizes. 
  • Same response time regardless concentration exposure and measuring history.
  • Shortened pre-polarization period (sensor signal stabilizes quickly after connecting the sensor to the amplifier) 
  • Better signal stability (less drift). Calibration is not required as often as the old version.  
  • Longer lifetime (expected lifetime > 12 months).  

The new H2 microsensor must be polarized at +100 mV (NOT +1000 mV as for the old version). The polarization is set automatically on the Unisense UniAmp series instruments. 

From now on we only sell the new and improved H2 Microsensor and we hope that you will enjoy working with it!

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