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Real Time Aquatic Ecosystem Observation Network (RAEON) will integrate cutting-edge, agile sampling technologies with world-class researchers to established assessment programs to generate the capacity to collect real-time, continuous data to address important unknowns and untested hypotheses about how freshwater ecosystems are structured and function.

Unisense will deliver several in situ and Field MicroProfiling Systems to study oxygen, sulfide, nitrous oxide, pH and redox to the program.

“Our interests focus on process governing the sediment water interface and the ability to correlate both physical and chemical characteristics of that interface. This is important information when pairing microbial function with nutrient, metal or hydrocarbon contamination within anthropogenic stressed ecosystems or pristine baseline systems. The equipment will improve and advance our understanding of these environments” says Prof. Christopher Weisener from University of Windsor. 

In the photo: Thomas Reid from The Weisener Lab and the Unisense MP4 MiniProfiler