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Unisense pH/mV-Meter for pH microelectrodes or Redox microelectrodes. 
The pH/mV-Meter is powered and communicating via USB. 
Unisense pH microelectrode, here shown with a 100 µm tip diameter.
The Unisense Redox microelectrode can be amplified by the pH/mV-Meter. 
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High quality pH and Redox single channel measuring system

The pH/mV-Meter is a compact and economical 1-channel amplifier for Unisense pH or Redox microelectrodes with excellent signal handling and amplification. The pH/mV-Meter is powered via USB giving flexibility and independence of mains supply. It comes with SensorTrace Logger software, but it is also compatible with the Unisense software portfolio for integration into the MicroProfiling System and the MicroRespiration System.

  • Plug and play: Install the software and connect the sensor to the amplifier.
  • Provided with SensorTrace Logger data acquisition software
  • Small, handy, and robust instruments

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pH/mV-Meter1-channel amplifier for pH and Redox sensors

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