Oct 2012

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New MiniProfiler MP4/8 System

Unisense is proud to present the new MiniProfiler. This portable field system enables you to complete autonomous microfiling of for example O2, pH, H2S, N2O, H2, redox and resistivity in shallow waters down to 300 meter depth. A new PC software interface ensures easy and intuitive programming of the system, while the powerful FieldData Logger allows for smooth communication and synchronization of data from multiple external devices.


For research in deep sea the MiniProfiler can be adapted to sustain deployment down to 6000 m, just as a total of 8 channels can be integrated.

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Resistivity microsensor – coming soon

Improve your microsensor profile data analysis by measuring the formation resistivity factor directly. This gives a real value of the diffusivity properties for your profile interpretation, and an easier detection of sample surface.


Scientific news

New application notes

Learn more about how microsensor technology is applied in the guts of cockroaches and in Nitrogen removal in wastewater.


New Nature publication

Based on microsensor data, scientists from Aarhus University have discovered a bacteria that function as living electrical wires, capable of transporting electrons over 1 cm in distance. 
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  • New MiniProfiler MP4
  • Resistivity microsensor
  • Scientific news
Diving with the UnderWater Meter

Diving with the UnderWater Meter

A Danish research team used the UnderWater Meter in the cold Ikka Fjord of Greenland. Follow it’s journey here.
Photographer: Jesper Kikkenborg

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Sign up for free workshop now!

Sign up for free workshop now!

Registration for the microsensor workshop held January 15-17th 2013 is now open.

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