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MM33 - mount and move your sensors

Correct and precise positioning of the Unisense microsensors is ensured by the robust and accurate Micromanipulator MM33. The fragile glass sensors require steady positioning and the MM33 enables you to complete microprofiles with high spatial resolution. Due to correct positioning of the microsensor by the micromanipulator the risk of breaking the sensors tip is notably reduced.

The MM33 is mounted on a heavy laboratory stand (LS18) or on an metal spear (IS19) for in situ measurements e.g. in sediments, pit soils or muddy fields.

The manipulators come in a manual or motorized setup.

Manual micromanipulator
For single point measurements, coarse microprofiles or measurements with larger sensors e.g. needle sensors the manual manipulator is the right choice. This is an economic and robust tool for completing microprofiles. Precision of the z-axis (depth) is down to 10 µm, while on the x- and y-axis the sensor position can be manipulated with 100 µm precision.

Motorized micromanipulator
If you are aiming for even higher spatial resolution and want to complete microprofiles automatically the Motorized Micromanipulator is the perfect solution. This system allows you to perform microprofiles with resolution down to 0,5 µm, thus making it appropriate for measurements in e.g. biofilms and highly active sediment samples. 

The motorized micromanipulator can be configured to complete 2D or 3D microprofiles, and the system is easily operated and data is logged in SensorTrace Profiling.

Ordering information

Product Description
Micromanipulator single head
MM33-2 Micromanipulator double headed for two sensors

The product is covered by a 1 year limited warranty.