June 2018

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ASLO Summer Meeting
- meet us at booth 13


The Winning Formula:
Explore in the field and measure right where the action takes place.


- Field DataLogger Mini: Full STOX support for ultra-low (<10nM) oxygen
- Field Microprofiling System: One system of both lab and field studies
- MiniProfiler MP4/8: Fully automatic sediment profiling down to 6000m depth
- Eddy Covariance System: Benthic flux studies with both optical and electrochemical microsensors
- MiniChamber Lander: Benthic chamber incubation for multiple parameters

Please visit www.unisense.com/field_systems for more information.

Reinventing MicroOptode Technology


The NEW Unisense MicroOptode portfolio is powered by in-house technology and delivers unparalleled performance within our core application segments:


Please view our flyer for more information

In This Issue

- Workshop Sep 18-20th 2018
- Meet us at ASLO Summer Meeting
- New MicroOptode technology

Workshop September 18-20th 2018

Workshop September 18-20th 2018

Registration is now open of our next microsensor workshop!
The training is free of charge.

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