January 2018

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Meet us next week at Ocean Sciences Meeting for product launch of:

   - New MicroOptode Portfolio

   - New Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor


NEW MicroOptode Portfolio

Reinventing MicroOptode Technology.

The NEW Unisense MicroOptode portfolio is powered by in-house technology and delivers unparalleled performance within our core application segments:

Zero-noise temperature compensation
-Accurate oxygen quantification by unmatched temperature compensation

Ambient light filtering technology
-Improved performance under fluctuating ambient light conditions, eg in situ

-Novel multi-component modulation improves life-time with 50%

Slender 50µm tip
-Optimized design for true microprofiling

Fast 430µm Sensor
-For EddyCovariance and other applications requiring <0.3s response times

-Plug'N'Play with unique sensor identification and calibration retrieval

The new MicroOptode Portfolio will replace our current portfolio and will be shipped from April 2018. You can learn more here.

New Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor


We now release a new version of our H2S Microsensor. The new version benefits from:

- better signal to noise ratio
- longer warranty (6 month)
- longer expected lifetime (>1 year)
- no light sensitivity

The new sensor is called SULF-xxx and the current H2S-xxx versions will continue to be available.

Please visit https://www.unisense.com/H2S/ to lean more about the new version and how our two versions compare.

Eddy Covariance System


Optical or Electrochemical microsensors? Now you get both for your benthic flux studies!


Visit us @ OSM - or contact sales@unisense.com - to learn more about the products improvement we have made.

You can request our new application note discussing all the technical aspects of time/signal syncronization, system and signal noise handling, as well as data processing.

In This Issue

- New MicroOptode Portfolio
- New Sulfide Sensor
- Eddy Covariance Update

Workshop September 18-20th 2018

Workshop September 18-20th 2018

Registration is now open of our next microsensor workshop!
The training is free of charge.

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Meet us at OSM

Meet us at OSM

Meet us at Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland next week.

Unisense will be displaying at booth 110

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