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Field Opto UniAmp Systems


Field Opto UniAmp Systems

Take microoptodes underwater and combine the microoptode technology with our broad microsensor portfolio e.g. H2S, NO, N2O, H2, pH, Redox and more.

The new Field Opto UniAmp Systems with fully submersible housing and fiber connector for shallow or deep water. Get the benefits of temperature compensation and salinity compensation using oxygen microoptode technology. Unisense Field Opto UniAmp Systems offers you to add optode technology to a range of our field systems including the MiniProfiler MP4/8 System and the Field MicroProfiling Systems.

Exploiting the latest near infrared optical technology for improved performance, better signal to noise ratio, and faster response times, the Field Opto UniAmp Systems allows you to add profiling or bulk measurements with MicroOptodes to your field system.

  • Waterproof to 10m - or 6000m for deepsea version
  • 2 or 4 optode channels
  • Individual temperature compensation of each channel
  • Sample optode data with up to 16 Hz
  • Simple two-point calibration
  • Operated via Field Microsensor Multimeter or Field DataLogger (MP4/8)



Ordering information

Product Description
FOM 2Ch Field Opto UniAmp 2ch (shallow water 10m) with 2 temperature channel
FOM Deep Field Opto UniAmp 2ch/4ch DeepSea with built-in temperature
Opto-Field 50 Waterproof 50 µm optode for profiling of soft samples
Opto-Field 430 Waterproof 430 µm optode
Opto-Field 430 FAST Waterproof 430 µm optode with fast <0.3s response time for Eddy Covariance
Opto-Field 3000 Waterproof 3000 µm optode
OP-Temp Field Temperature sensor for Field MicroOptode Meter

Technical information

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