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Measurements in heavy duty applications

Our Unisense Industrial sagment has focus on sensor technology for industrial applications. Data capture from robust and precise sensor systems plays a central role in the realization of the fourth industrial revolution. Enabling seamless online measurement and process management is our vision.

Big Data creates an escalating pace of data capture, storage and transfer, which opens a world of possibilities for still more intelligent and cost effective industrial monitoring and processing. Unisense offer electrochemical sensors for constant inline measurement of a number of key parameters in various industries, which enables attractive possibilities for high level monitoring, datamining, cost savings from chemicals etc.
The sensors are based on the same core technologies as our research sensors, but the packaging and protection is different, which makes the sensors more robust and durable in harsh environments.

Since 2013 we have developed and sold nitrous oxide sensors for wastewater treatment plant applications. Gradually we are increasing our application scope and the number of sensor products offered in robust industrial-grade versions. The delevopment program of industrial sensors is supported by EU programs.

The list to the right is a view of our current activities with a strong focus on maintaining a market position in climate gas monitoring (N2O) while building up new applicational areas for hydrogen sulphide monitoring and mitigation. 
The list is not exclusive, and if you have ideas for use of our sensors outside these areas, we would be happy to hear from you.


Looking for the SulfiLogger™ sensor?

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N2O Wastewater System

The N2O Wastewater System is sold and supported by Unisense Environment A/S. Please visit for more information.

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