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In Situ UniAmp System

Robust sensor signals and ease-of-use

The Unisense In Situ UniAmp are built to give signal amplification close to the sensor tip for a stable and low noise signal path. The In Situ UniAmp Connectors allow easy sensor replacement during field work.

The In Situ UniAmp and Connector System is an integrated part of our Field Systems portfolio including the MiniProfiler MP4/8, Field Datalogger Mini, UnderWater Meter and the Deep Sea Lander solutions.

  • Rated to 300 m depth (shallow) – optional to 6000 m (deep sea) water depth
  • High quality and robust signal amplification
  • Easy sensor replacement during field work

In Situ Amplifiers

Microsensors are sensitive and extremely accurate measuring tools. To avoid that the minute sensor signals (pA or mV) are influenced by background noise, the amplifier is placed directly on the microsensor. Here the sensor signal is converted into a robust voltage signal, conducted to the datalogger through a high quality cable. The In Situ UniAmp thus functions as miniaturized pA- or mV-meter and ensure high quality signals.

The In Situ UniAmps are sensor type specific with built in polarization of the sensor and amplification of the signal. Any sensor channel on your Field System can, therefore, be connected to any In Situ UniAmp. These amplifiers can easily be interchanged, both within and between instruments, giving you total flexibility for future studies.

In Situ Connectors

The In Situ UniAmp Connector system is designed for mounting of the sensor on the amplifier and for easy replacement of sensors while in the field.

  • Simple snap-on mounting
  • Protection of sensor tip during handling and preparation
  • Improved shielding for very stable signals both in the lab and in the field
  • Providing pressure compensation at all depths


Unisense Depth Rating Shallow Water Deep Sea
Sensors 0-50 m 0-6000 m
In Situ UniAmp 0-300 m 0-6000 m
In Situ UniAmp Connector 0-300 m 0-6000 m

Sensors to be used deeper than 50 m must be pressure compensated and may be used with both the Shallow Water and Deep Sea versions.

Ordering information


Product Description
In Situ UniAmp Shallow Water
In Situ UniAmp Deep Sea

Please specify:
  • In Situ UniAmp-O2 (Oxygen)
  • In Situ UniAmp-STOX (STOX sensor)
  • In Situ UniAmp-SULF (Hydrogen sulfide, SULF-type)
  • In Situ UniAmp-H2S (Hydrogen sulfide, H2S-type)
  • In Situ UniAmp-H2 (Hydrogen)
  • In Situ UniAmp-N2O (Nitrous oxide)
  • In Situ UniAmp-mV (pH, Redox, Electric potential)
  • In Situ UniAmp-Temp (Temperature)
  • In Situ UniAmp-Flow (Flow velocity)
  • In Situ UniAmp-Diff (Diffusivity)
In Situ UniAmp Connector Please specify:
  • Sensor to be used with
  • Shallow Water or Deep Sea
In Situ UniAmp Connector Membrane Replaceable silicone membrane for In Situ UniAmp Connector Shallow Water or Deep Sea.

One In Situ Connector is inclueded with each In Situ UniAmp.

The product is covered by a 1 year limited warranty.

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