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Unisense A/S was established in 1998 by a team of university scientists with more than 20 years of experience in developing, constructing, and applying microsensors.
From 1993-1998, seven researchers from the Department of Biology at the University of Aarhus in Denmark received approximately 1.5 million Euro for research and technological development, primarily from the 4th European Frame Program of the European Commission. During this period, a series of innovative sensors and measuring principles were developed, three of which were subsequently patented internationally. In keeping with the demands of The European Commission to exploit the new developments commercially, the company Unisense was founded in 1998.
The company grew and now includes the production of sensors and measuring equipment as well as specialized development of measuring principles for a wide range of applications, serving scientists worldwide.

Interacting with some of the Worlds leading scientists has led to the spin-out of new subsidiary companies:

  • Unisense FertiliTech was founded in 2003 and some years later it brought the medical device EmbryoScope® to the market. The company was sold to Vitrolife in 2014.
  • Unisense Environment was founded in 2013 and is fully owned by Unisense. This clean-tech company develops measuring equipment and knowhow for optimizing wastewater treatment while minimizing carbon footprint.
  • Unisense Diagnostics was founded in 2015, by Unisense as a majority share holder. This medical device company develops a point-of-care measurement system, which provides fast and local tests of concentrations of small molecule drugs such as antibiotics and anaesthesia in critically ill patients.
  • SulfiLogger A/S was founded in 2020 for the delevopment and sale of SulfiLoggerTM sensors. Please visit

Today Unisense A/S is operated fully professionally being an ISO9001 certified company.