Measure with Unisense microsensors in a flowcell

Most Unisense microsensors can be mounted in flowcells to make measurements in a flow-through system. The flowcell is available in a glass and a stainless steel version. 

The glass flowcell is fixed on the microsensor with a protection cap. This flow cell is available in two sizes:

1: Inner diameter 2 mm, outer diameter 6mm
2. Inner diameter 4 mm, outer diameter 8mm

Tubing should fit tightly around the flow cell ends.

The stainless steel flowcell is pressure compensated for measurements in high-pressure systems. This flowcell is pressure resistant to up 10 bar. It is based on a Swagelok© T-piece for either 1/4 or 1/8 inch tubing. 

The sensor size, response time, and sensitivity are chosen to match the flow rate and system characteristics.

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