Febuary 2016

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COMING SOON: Eddy Covariance System with support for both Optical and Electrochemical microsensors

Based on demand from the eddy covariance community, the new Unisense Eddy Covariance System soon offers an option for fast MicroOptodes to be used solely or in combination with our fast Clark-type microsensor. This gives you the benefit to apply both or choose you favorite oxygen sensing technology for your benthic flux studies. Read more at https://www.unisense.com/eddy_covariance_system or visit our booth at OSM to learn and discuss about the new options.

Meet Unisense at Ocean Sciences Meeting at booth 213


Come, see and play with our new gear. At display we have

Field MicroProfiling System
Field MicroOptode Meter
MiniProfiler MP4/8
MicroRespiarations System

See y’all in New Orleans

SensorTrace Suite  - New Upgrade available


Please visit https://www.unisense.com/Software_download/ to
download the latest SensorTrace Suite.

With the new Suite you get overall improved performance, including new important features like:

     Direct export to Excel
     Graphical time interval selection for Rate analysis
     Import of MicroOptode data from our Field Systems

View all new features and improvements here

In This Issue

- New Eddy Covariance
- SensorTrace Upgrade
- Meet us at OSM

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How can we help you?

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