February 2015

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New pH combination electrodes

For selected applications like small volume measurements or small space applications, measuring inside an applied electrical field or crude profiling, we have made two versions of our pH electrode as combination electrodes with internal reference.

Please order pH-200C or pH-500C - visit www.unisense.com/pH


Improved H2 sensors

Over the past year we have been optimizing and making changes to our H2 sensor, resulting in an improved and more stable baseline signal.
For low range applications we have launched two new versions of the H2 sensor giving you a below 50nM detection limit.
Please order H2-500LR or H2-NPLR - visit www.unisense.com/H2
New application note – please read our new application note on “Biomedical implications of H2 enriched drinking water

SensorTrace Suite with Field MicroProfiling System integration


Our SensorTrace Suite software package continues to expand. Recently we have added full support for the Field MicroProfiling System allowing you to take complete control over the system when connected to a PC.

This includes sensor calibration, data logging and full Field Motor support, making the Field MicroProfiling System a true field AND lab system.


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- Optimized H2 sensors
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Meet us at OSM

Meet us at OSM

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Unisense will be displaying at booth 110

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