February 2013

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MicroOptode System

NEW - MicroOptode Portfolio

High Peformance Oxygen MicroOptode Technology

The Unisense MicroOptode solutions provide cost-effective and robust oxygen sensing utilizing latest optical sensor technology. With full integration into our laboratory systems you get ease-of-use, full featured software and access to multi-analyte studies. Get access to the best of two worlds!


Visit www.unisense.com/microoptode_portfolio

Unisense FieldData Logger

The new Unisense FieldData Logger is a powerful platform for the Unisense portfolio of Field Systems including the UnderWater Meter System, the MiniProfiler MP4/8 System and the Eddy Correlation System. With the FieldData Logger you can log data, control and program your field instrument and synchronize data from multiple external devices such as optodes, water samplers and light sensors.


Programming of the FieldData Logger is simple with our new software. An intuitive user interface with simple ‘Drag and Drop’ tool allows for easy programming, while a web browser interface with live communication handles sensor calibration, system check and deployment settings.

Visit https://www.unisense.com/miniprofiler_mp4_system/

In This Issue

- New - MicroOptode Portfolio

- Unisense FieldData Logger

- Meet us live

Meet us live

Meet us live

Nov 2-5: Aquatech, Amsterdam 

Dec 13-17: AGU 2021, New Orleans

Feb 27-Mar 4: Ocean Sciences Meeting, Honolulu 

Mar 9: Essener Tagung, Essen

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