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Eddy Covariance System

Eddy Correlation Full System

Measure Benthic Multiple parameter Flux with the new Unisense Eddy Covariance System

Unisense Eddy Covariance System is a next generation system offering you hassle free instrument deployment with your choice of either ultra fast MicroOptodes or electrochemical microsensors - or even both at the same time. 

Unisense offers a complete Plug ‘N Deploy Eddy Covariance System to study benthic fluxes in aquatic environments. The eddy covariance technology is becoming a standard methodology for benthic research measuring flux of O2, H2S, and temperature. The technique allows non-invasive in situ measurements of flux in the hydrodynamic boundary layer of permeable sediments, seagrass beds or coral reefs by simultaneous measurements of vertical velocity and concentration of e.g. oxygen, thus being a complementary method to profiling studies and chamber incubations.

  • Core unit for MiniProfiler MP4/8 and Eddy Covariance Systems
  • 2 channels for fast MicroOptodes with fast temp compensation
  • 4 channels for fast microsensors
  • Full Berg EddyFlux data analysis software
  • Fast data download and easy data export
  • Complete system

Bringing two oxygen sensing technologies together
Adding our Field MicroOptode Meter to the Eddy Covariance System gives you the option of choosing between two oxygen sensing technologies or use both at the same time. This gives you the better of two worlds and peace of mind for the future.

Our System
Based on many years of experience in building and constructing sensors and amplifiers, Unisense ensures the signal quality from the fast responding sensor all the way to your stored data. 

Your System
Depending on your application, you have a choice of a heavier ROV manageable frame or the lightweight Berg Frame. The Field DataLogger gives you 4 high speed channels, full system integration, and is customizable for serial devices. Adding the Field MicroOptode Meter gives 2 fast optode channels in addition, and utilizing our fast temperature sensors enables fast temperature compensation. LAN support allows you to study near real-time data and, via PC interface, to configure and adjust system settings. 

One solution
The Unisense Eddy Covariance System is providing a full, but customizable, solution for your eddy covariance flux studies. The data can be analyzed through the complementary and peer-reviewed Berg EddyFlux software or exported to CSV files for further analysis. 
The Field DataLogger is the core electronics in all of our Field Systems, giving you one control unit for MiniProfiler MP4/8, Eddy Covariance System and our MiniChamber Lander System!

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Eddy Covariance System
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