April 2013

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NEW – Improved MicroRespiration System:

Measure minute O2, H2, H2S, NO, pH , Redox , and Temperature changes in closed chambers .

The Unisense MicroRespiration System has been redesigned to fit customers’ needs even better. With sensitivities below 0,5nmol/h you get a highly sensitive and accurate system for your studies.

Key benefits include:

-Real-Time monitoring and ease of use
-Double chambers for measuring two analytes simultaneously
-Rack for 8 chambers with easy exchange between our many chamber sizes
-Rack with integrated and individual stirring control

Please find recent publication below or visit www.unisense.com/MicroRespiration_System to learn more about the new and improved MicroRespiration System.


Recent MicroRespiration publications
Panfoli et al 2013 (Cell Biochem.Funct.)
The MicroRespiration System was used to reveal oxygen consumption in the rod outer segment discs; an organelle devoid of mitocondria. The research team added respiratory substrates and measured the effect on the oxygen consumption of the organelles. 

Hilbers et al 2012 (Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Bioenergetics)
Oxygen reductase activity was studied in a number of recombinant enzyme variants. Measuring the oxygen consumption led to an improved understanding of the different amino acid residues in the active enzyme subunit. 

Bartolini et al 2012 (Global Change Biology)
Effects of climate changes on crab embryos were investigated by measuring the oxygen consumption of embryos at varying temperatures.

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