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Photosynthesis of corals


Monitor corals photosynthesis in situ

Climate changes have been identified as one of the greatest threads to coral reef ecosystems. As a result of this, Unisense is experiencing an increasing interest in applying microsensor technology for monitoring coral reef ecosystems.

Unisense oxygen microsensors have been used in combination with Unisense Light Trigger to determine the gross photosynthesis of corals. Light status is logged with data from a Unisense fast responding oxygen microsensor using the Sloper software, photosynthesis can be calculated from the respiration rate determined by Sloper.

For microsensor measurements the sensor is placed in direct contact with the coral tissue surface using a manually operated micromanipulator. Measurements can be completed in situ e.g. using a Unisense UnderWater Meter or corals can be brought to laboratory for analysis.

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