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UniAmp Single Channel Systems

Take a closer look at one of our Unisense UniAmp Systems by clicking the interactive 3d viewport above. Note that this particular UniAmp is an fx-6 Multi Channel System.

Economic amplifier portfolio for single analytes
- for O2, pH/mV, H2, N2O or H2S

The UniAmp range of innovative amplifier solutions provide new unique features and a full new level of user friendliness and performance. The O2, pH/mV, H2, N2O and H2S systems comes with dedicated channel configuration and provide you our most cost-effective solutions. If you need multiple sensor or a system that is more flexible for future applications, please consider our UniAmp MultiChannel Systems.

Unique features:

  • Temperature compensation of sensor data
  • E2PROM recognition of unique sensor data
  • USB-powered
  • Cost-effective solutions for dedicated measuring needs
  • Ease-of-use, Simple and Smart!

The amplifiers are USB powered and sensors are immediately polarized when connected. Windows service app initiate automatically when PC connected and allows for fast review of raw data and amplifier settings. Calibration and data logging are done via our SensorTrace Suite apps.

UniAmp single channel meters comes in various configurations with dedicated channels. All versions include one channel for a temperature sensor needed for temperature compensation of data.

E2PROM sensor connectors

The new 10 pin E2PROM sensor connector brings a new level of user friendliness and performance. Each sensor stores important information about sensor type, sensor customizations, serial number, calibration data, and the unique value for individual temperature compensation. User calibration can also be stored on the E2PROM, saving time during setup and giving ultimate flexibility in using multiple sensors and amplifiers. All E2PROM information is read by the UniAmp ensuring correct sensor polarization and setup, and data are transferred to our SensorTrace Suite software for enhanced user experience and experimental documentation.

The new connector format allows for support of our specialized sensors like the STOX sensor for measuring ultra-low (<5nM) oxygen (O2 UniAmp only).

Temperature compensation

Sensor temperature compensation has so far been reserved to optical sensors but using long-time in-house data we now introduce temperature compensation for most of our microsensors.

The compensation covers +/- 3°C from calibration point and thus ensuring you better data. With a standard sensor coefficient of 2-3% per degree Celsius, small sample temperature changes for calibration point of a few degrees will result in considerable errors. With our new temperature compensation algorithm the system will now compensate and ensure more accurate data.

Each sensor comes with a factory value for temperature compensation, but you have the option of measuring your own value for the sensor and apply your  self determined value.

Ordering information


Product Description
O2 UniAmp 1x pA for Oxygen, 1x Temp channel
pH/Redox UniAmp 1x mV for pH and Redox, 1x Temp channel
H2 UniAmp 1x pA for Hydrogen, 1x Temp channel
N2O UniAmp 1x pA for Nitrous Oxide, 1x Temp channel
H2S UniAmp 1x pA for Sulfide (H2S and SULF), 1x Temp channel


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