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Stereo Microscope

Unisense sells a Zeiss Stereo Microscope solution optimized for your microsensor work.

Lighting, focal distance, and manoeuvrability is optimized by our experts in close collaboration with Zeiss. The Zeiss color camera is integrated into our SensorTrace Suite software allowing you to follow live views of the sensor position together with the sensor signals and grab full frame pictures. The pictures are stored with your SensorTrace data file along with all relevant stamps like sensor signals, time and position (profiling setup) and can be exported for visualization and support of your microsensor results, making our Stereo Microscope solution a very powerful tool during setup, measurement, analysis and presentation.

The Stereo Microscope solution includes:

  • Zeiss color camera
  • Flexible boom stand for stable and easy positioning of zoom optics
  • Optical range from 6.3x to 50x magnification
  • Working distance of 92 mm
  • Flexible fiber LED light
  • SensorTrace Suite software integration

Features in SensorTrace Suite

The software integrates seamlessly with the camera and is detected during setup of a new experiment. The camera is controlled in its own window giving you freedom to move and resize according to your needs. The camera provides a live view of the sample and by a simple click you snap a relevant picture. You can annotate with a measuring bar and save the picture into the database. The file will contain all relevant information including sensor signals, time and position, and can be retrieved directly from the database during analysis. Export to most standard picture formats are available for further presentation and analysis.

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Stereo Microscope for Unisense microsensor systems


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