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SensorTrace Suite Change Log

SensorTrace Suite v3.1.100 (March 5, 2019)

  • New features:
    • Support for Opto-Fx UniAmp devices with a single pressure sensor.
    • Support for manually setting fixed value for pressure in Opto-Fx UniAmp-experiments.
    • Added data export of raw EC data
    • Added new Sensor types for Opto-Fx optodes, where parameters for temperature compensation is fetched from EEPROM.
  • Fixed:
    • New/updated signing certificate
    • Added correct device description for Chamber Lander (in instruments list)
    • Fix for rounding error in endDepth when analyzing Profiling experiments
    • Fix for only measuring on selected sensors in experiment
    • Changed text in Firesting Settings/calibration (Suite); "Sensor parameters"  to "Sensor calibration & experiment settings"
    • Added different dialog-box-handling to avoid blocking due to hidden boxes.
    • Changed calibration text in the calibration list for OptoFx Uniamp sensors from “Field calibration (eeprom)” to “User calibration (eeprom)”
    • Changed sleep interval for optodes in Rate application to 15 seconds
    • Added more sensor data (all sensors) when exporting raw EC data
    • Added timestamp (UTC time in ticks) to filename of exported raw EC data.
    • Added clarifying text startup screen (first launch after install): “If you are using field equipment”
    • Added emphasized warning when changing calibration (OptoFx)
    • Fix for timer (welcome timer / update timer) when starting new experiment, calibrating, ejecting/inserting sensor/eeprom (OptoFx)

SensorTrace Suite v3.1.50 (October 23, 2018)

  • Fixed: Issue with optode calibration
    • Error with saving Eeprom sensor calibrations.

SensorTrace Suite v3.1.0 (July 13, 2018)

  • New feature: Support for Opto-Fx UniAmp
    • eeprom with saved sensor calibrations for each optode
    • calibration automatically loaded from optode eeprom
    • sensor code automatically loaded from optode eeprom
    • optode serial number automatically logged
    • optode autodetect
    • sleep mode – measurement frequency lowered to 1/60 Hz when measurement is stopped
  • Fixed: Issue where commondb is not correctly updated from version 5 to 6
  • Fixed: MDL enumeration issue – number of retries now set to 2 to make sure MDL is asked while awake
  • Fixed: In profiling analysis when more than one porosity layer was defined only the value for the first layer was used

SensorTrace Suite v3.0.200 (March 23, 2018)

  • New feature: Support for importing logger data from Aanderaa optode from an EC deployment (FMM firmware 2.4.200)
  • New feature: Cyclic redundancy check when downloading data from Field Datalogger Mini
  • Fixed: Issue where re-calibration time of Loggerdata scales with number of data points squared
  • Fixed: Issue regarding import status during deployment download from Field Datalogger Mini – status is changed by more than one thread
  • Fixed: Profiles disappear from view in the Profiling tab when a profile is interrupted
  • Fixed: When downloading a Field Datalogger Mini deployment the progress does not show when the download has completed
  • Known issue: The FMM/FDL restart if manual control is used in ProgrammingTool.

SensorTrace Suite v3.0.100 (December 19, 2017)

  • Fixed: Export of experiments with more than 1 mio. datapoints as .csv (not possible as excel file)
  • Fixed: Profiling – the calibrated values for a sensor are updated in the vizualize tab when a new calibration is chosen
  • Fixed: Photo did not show data for light switch when a measurement was performed
  • Fixed: Issue where it was only possible to export data from two channels simultaneously in an EC experiment
  • Fixed: Issue where motors are not recognized roughly one out of three times
  • Fixed: Calibration - Save and use calibration button is enabled after adding datapoints for just one known value
  • Fixed: MMM enumeration - only one MMM is found by Logger or Profiling when to or three MMM are connected
  • Fixed: Issue where Logger crashes when a sub-experiment is opened during a live-session
  • Fixed: Export from Logger leads to crash when exporting directly after acquiring data using MMM
  • Fixed: In Rate – rates within and rates between were not updated when a new calibration was chosen
  • Fixed: EC export - no spaces allowed in name of exported file for Berg flux tool to accept file
  • Fixed: EC data export - when exporting temperature channel, the header for the temperature data in the exported text file says "O2" and not temperature

SensorTrace Suite v3.0.0 (July 6, 2017)

  • New feature: Support for Eddy Covariance (EC) system
  • New feature: Nortek Vector available as sensor when connected to Field Datalogger
  • New feature: Import of EC deployment data in Logger
  • New feature: Export of EC sensor data in format compatible with Eddyflux format
  • New feature: Import of calibrations from saved Suite experiments
  • New feature: Calibrated values for a sensor can be calculated using any calibration loaded for that sensor at any time
  • New feature: Expression type calibration
  • Fixed: Issue regarding enumeration of more than three MMMs solved

SensorTrace Suite v2.8.200 (December 21, 2016)

  • New feature: Support for Field DataLogger Mini.
  • Fixed: Rate experiments with double chambers could not be opened, in some regions.
  • Fixed: Manually stopped profiles are now shown in the list of ended profiles.
  • Fixed: Hide and show profiles did not work properly for profiles with more than one sensor. When one sensor was marked/unmarked the whole profile was marked/unmarked.
  • Minor bug fixes and overall performance upgrades.

SensorTrace Suite v2.8.0 (November 11, 2016)

  • New feature: Scrollbars in logger.
  • Improved: Improved zoom functionality in Logger and Live charts when experiment is running.
  • Improved: Startup time reduced.
  • Improved: Reduced memory usage in Logger.
  • Improved: Logger experiments load much faster.
  • Fixed: Logger does not crash when using 14 sensors or more.
  • Fixed: In Rate the sensor panel now shows which sensor is selected.
  • Fixed: Adding description twice in Logger crashes suite.
  • Fixed: Error when exporting Profiling experiments with several replicas.
  • Fixed: When a MicroOptode meter was used in an experiment a file named registers.txt was created.
  • Fixed: Rate export is now based on chambers instead of devices.
  • Fixed: When pause was clicked in Logger, a point with the value zero was written to experiment file.
  • Fixed: Unable to install SensorTrace Suite if Visual C++ redistributable 2015 was already installed.
  • Minor bug fixes and overall performance upgrades.

SensorTrace Suite v2.7.100 (August 5, 2016)

  • Fixed: View was not updated when marking/unmarking a profile in the Profiling tab.
  • Fixed: Tool that splits the database from versions 2.1.100 and older.

SensorTrace Suite v2.7.0 (July 15, 2016)

  • Important: Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported. This software requires Windows 7 or never.
  • New feature: Live data streaming from Field MicroOptode Meters.
  • New feature: Export of data from Field MicroOptode Meter.
  • New feature: Import of Aanderaa conductivity data from Field Data Logger (v2).
  • Improved: Simpler installation of Suite updates.
  • Improved: Updated signing certificate to allow certificate validation upon download and installation.
  • Fixed: Solved several serious optode meter stability issues.
  • Minor bug fixes.

SensorTrace Suite v2.6.100 (February 26, 2016)

  • Important: Improvement for MicroOptode Meters.
  • Improved: Pause button in Profiling will have effect immediately.
  • Improved: Always export all calibrations from the experiment in a separate sheet.
  • Improved: Calibration ID column added to the export data.
  • Fixed: Warning about motor not being in Home or Safe position was shown independent on the actual motor position.
  • Fixed: MicroOptode Meter temperature sensor data was not displayed on charts in Logger when showing calibrated data.
  • Fixed: Optode calibrations were listed twice when loading an experiment.
  • Minor bug fixes.

SensorTrace Suite v2.6.0 (February 5, 2016)

  • Important: This version of SuiteTrace Suite requires Field Microsensor Multimeter firmware version 2.1.0 or newer in order to be compatible with field or in situ instruments.
  • New feature: Field MicroOptode deployments can be imported from a Field Microsensor Multimeter to SensorTrace Logger.
  • New feature: Field MicroOptode profiles recorded using the "Profile 1D"-template on a Field Microsensor Multimeter can be imported to SensorTrace Profiling.
  • New feature: Newest manuals is now included in Suite.
  • Improved: Faster application startup.
  • Improved: SensorTrace Logger is more memory efficient.
  • Improved: Default IP-address in SensorTrace ProgrammingTool is now
  • Improved: Profiling can analyze profiles with more than 300 points.
  • Improved: Notifications on the availability of a new software version can now be postponed for 8 days.
  • Improved: Profiling depth adjustment can now be changed by using a numeric input box in the left panel, and the current depth offset is displayed.
  • Improved: The Remote User Interface in SensorTrace ProgrammingTool show the navigation keys below the screen.
  • Improved: Thousands separator is removed from combo boxes.
  • Fixed: Sensor units in Settings tab always showed default value instead of the unit used in a saved experiment.
  • Fixed: Wrong sensor channel numbers in FMM imports.
  • Fixed: Old calibration points were not saved to new file, when an old calibration was recalled.
  • Fixed: It was possible to edit MicroOptode sensor code during a calibration.
  • Fixed: Some profiles could not be exported correctly.
  • Fixed: Unintended drag-n-drop of files, folder etc. to SensorTrace ProgrammingTool grid has been prevented.
  • Minor bug fixes and overall performance upgrades.

SensorTrace Suite v2.5.0 (December 9, 2015)

  • New feature: Data export to Excel.
  • New feature: Graphical time picker for selecting range for linear regression calculation.
  • New feature: MicroOptodes on two MicroOptode meters can be temp. compensated with a single temp. sensor.
  • Improved: MicroOptode sensor codes are introduced to ensure optimal light intensity and signal amplification.
  • Improved: Profiling saves data after every measurement to prevent data loss.
  • Improved: Faster export of csv-files.
  • Improved: Scan for motors is only visible if user has a valid license or trial.
  • Fixed: Profiles were not always saved when recording data using Field Microsensor Multimeter.
  • Fixed: Scanning for motors could run forever.
  • Fixed: When a Microsensor Multimeter temperature sensor was used for temperature compensation of optodes, the uncalibrated temperature signal was used.
  • Fixed: Suite was unable to save experiments to unmapped network paths.
  • Fixed: An old common database was not updated to newest version before database split.
  • Fixed: Temporary (.ulock) file was not always deleted on experiment close.
  • Fixed: Faster load time for large Logger experiments.
  • Fixed: A memory leak could occur when a tab was closed in Logger.
  • Fixed: Rate calculation time pickers used today’s date as default date instead of experiment date.
  • Fixed: In 2D and 3D profiling setups, other motors could move unexpectedly in rare occasions.
  • Fixed: Read-only files could not be viewed.
  • Fixed: Could not communicate with Field Microsensor Multimeter, if battery status was low.
  • Minor bug fixes and overall performance upgrades.

SensorTrace Suite v2.4.300 (October 12, 2015)

  • Fixed: License key could not be stored on specific computers.
  • Fixed: Microsensor Monometer was not recognized as a valid device.

SensorTrace Suite v2.4.100 (September 30, 2015)

  • Compatible with the latest MP4/8 systems (firmware version 2.0).
  • Programming Tool is now installed as part of SensorTrace Suite. (FDL Programming Tool version 1.0-1.9.9 will remain installed on the computers.)
  • Fixed: Software could not start id My Documents folder was not located on default location
  • Improved: Launch of the applications was slow on specific computer configurations
  • Minor improvements.

SensorTrace Suite v2.3.300 (September 2, 2015)

  • Compatible with Windows 10.
  • Easier input method for license keys.
  • Fixed: Potentiometric sensors connected to Field Microsensor Multimeter induced a crash during scanning for devices/sensors. 
  • Fixed: Old master experiments with a whitespace in the end of its name prevented successful database splitting.
  • Fixed: Profiles that started at the bottom could not be analyzed.
  • Fixed: Software crashed if Field Microsensor Multimeter was disconnected during an experiment.
  • Minor improvements.

SensorTrace Suite v2.3.200 (July 10, 2015)

  • Fixed: Microsensor Multimeter driver did not install properly due to a certificate that was expired.
  • Minor improvements.

SensorTrace Suite v2.3.100 (June 30, 2015)

  • Field Microsensor Multimeter (FMM) deployments can be downloaded as Unisense Logger and Unisense Profiling files. This requires FMM firmware version 1.6.200 or later.
  • Faster application start up
  • Smart suggestion of experiment file names.
  • Silent installation and uninstallation of all instrument drivers
  • InstaCal upgraded to version 6.50
  • Calibration data for MicroOptodes is added to the .csv export files
  • New certificate used for signing for installation files
  • Fixed: Microsensor Multimeter driver was not installed correctly on Windows 32-bit.
  • Fixed: Use of MicroOptode Meters could cause application crash during data logging
  • Minor bug fixes