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SensorTrace Profiling

Complete microprofiles with SensorTrace Profiling

SensorTrace Profiling is a software solution for setting up, completing microsensor profiles, and subsequent analysis and visualization of the measurements. While SensorTrace Logger is used for continuous logging of microsensor data, SensorTrace Profiling logs the measured analyte concentration together with the depth position of the micromanipulator to obtain microprofile data.

With SensorTrace Profiling you can control up to three motorized micromanipulators, thus enabling complete automation of multiple profiles in 2D or 3D. Data obtained from manual or motorized microprofiling experiments are easily visualized, analyzed and exported.

  • Compatible with all Unisense amplifiers
  • Complete 2D and 3D profiles
  • Visualize and analyze the microprofiles completed
  • Log data from all connected sensors simultaneously
  • Easy calibration of Unisense sensors

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