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SensorTrace Photo

Determine Photosynthesis Rate

The SensorTrace Photo software enables you to determine photosynthesis rate. Data from a Unisense Light Sensor is logged with data from a Unisense fast responding oxygen microsensor using the Photo software. This allows you to determine the photosynthesis rate by applying the light/dark shift technique. Immediately after the light has been switched off the respiration rate can be measured providing that the system was in steady state prior to switching off the light source. Based on the subsequent initial oxygen concentration decrease, the gross photosynthetic rate before the light was removed can be calculated.

  • Easy microsensor calibration 
  • Controls Unisense MicroProfiling motors 
  • Logging at defined time intervals 
  • Load of data files for subsequent data analysis
  • Part of SensorTrace Suite software package  - one licence key for all packages

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