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SensorTrace Rate

Measure oxygen respiration rates

SensorTrace Rate allows you to measure the oxygen respiration rate of small aquatic animals, bacteria, or oxygen production of phytoplankton. The Unisense MicroRespiration System simplifies measurement and calculation of oxygen production or consumption. The software keeps track of your samples and provides you with continuous measurements in all samples simultaneously using only one sensor.

  • Works with all digital Unisense amplifiers
  • Easy calibration of the MicroRespiration oxygen sensor
  • Data is continuously saved in a database and easily exported
  • Oxygen consumption and/or production can be monitored in real time and online
  • Calculations based on linear interpolation and regression enables you to measure continuously in several samples with only one sensor
  • Part of SensorTrace Suite software package  - one licence key for all packages

Measure analyte metabolism

The SensorTrace Rate software offers control of all Unisense amplifiers and allows calculation of metabolism rate of all analytes supported by the system, both as single and multiple analyte studies.

Unisense currently offer following sensors for the MicroRespiration System:

  • O2, H2, H2S, N2O, NO, pH, Redox and temperature

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