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Sediment profiling analysis

Calculations of oxygen consumption rate using SensorTrace Profiling

This note will explain how to use SensorTrace Profiling to quantify the consumption rate of oxygen as well as the oxygen exchange rate across the water - sediment interface, from a high resolution oxygen profile, measured with a Unisense MicroProfiling System.

As an example an oxygen microprofile made in an organic rich sediment core collected at less than 30 cm water depth in the brackish Limfjorden in Denmark is used. The microprofile recorded from this sediment core is saved in the document folder for SensorTrace Suite and serves as an example together with this note on how a microprofile can be analyzed including the steps and decisions involved.

Please download SensorTrace Suite Software, open the Profiling Demo file and use the Profiling Application Note to follow a guided analysis of an oxygen microprofile.

Epping, Eric H.G. et al (1999), Photosynthesis and the dynamics of oxygen consumption in a microbial mat as calculated from transient oxygen microprofiles, Limnology and Oceanography, 1936 - 1948, vol. 44 Read abstract

G (2008), Oxygen dynamics of marine sediments, Marine Biology Research, 243 - 289, vol. 4 Read abstract

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