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NanoRespiration System


Measure minute oxygen consumption rates on small organisms

With the NanoRespiration System you can measure respiration rates on single individuals such as copepod eggs, phyloplankton or zebrafish eggs. The system has high accuracy and respiration rates down to 0,7 fmol/s can be determined.

  • Determine extremely low oxygen consumption rates
  • Fast and repetitive measurements of several samples
  • Accurate and non-destructive measurements by Unisense O2 microsensor
  • Autoclavable capillaries

The NanoRespiration System requires exact positioning and moving of the microsensor tip. This is ensured by integration of the NanoRespiration System into the Unisense MicroProfiling System. Easy operation of the The MicroProfiling System and data logging is done with SensorTrace Profiling and oxygen respiration rates are calculated using a free spread sheet.

NanoRespiration Technology:

Samples are placed in oxygen impermeable and chemical inert glass capillaries with sealed bottoms. Each sample is overlaid with appropriate medium and when the setup has reached steady state an oxygen gradient will build up in the thin capillary. This gradient is measured by a very fine-tipped Unisense microsensor, and the respiration rate of the microorganism placed in the capillary can be calculated from the oxygen gradient.

The NanoRespiration System was developed for determining oxygen respiration rates; however the system is compatible with all Unisense microsensors. In 2006 Riisgaard-Pedersen published a study in Nature in which the NanoRespiration System was used for measuring denitrification by Nonionella cf. stella. based on N2O accumulation in the NanoRespiration Capillaries.

Ordering information

System components
OX-50 or other relevant microsensor
Microsensor Multimeter or another Unisense amplifier
NanoRespirometer (7-capillaries, disc and frame)
MM33 or MM33-2 (Single or double head)
Motorized Microprofiling
MOTCON (Motor controller)
MMS (Micromanipulator stage)
MMS-A (Stage adapter)
SensorTrace Profiling
Laboratory Stand
Calibration Chamber

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