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N2O In Situ Amplifier System


Solution to measure dissolved N2O in wastewater

The N2O Microsensor In Situ Amplifier System is built to study N2O in bulk waters like wastewater pilot plants and other suitable systems. The system utilizes the In Situ Connector System to make the sensor connection completely submergible and waterproof, while the In Situ Amplifiers ensure robust signal amplification.

The Microsensor In Situ Amplifier Box is custom built for the N2O in situ amplifier with a special port for pre-activation of the N2O sensor and a standard port for measurements. The box provides a digital output for our SensorTrace Logger software plus a possibility for a 4-20 mA output. It is operated on mains supply or battery to facilitate easy change of measurement site. The Microsensor In Situ Amplifier Box is built to sustain splashes, however if you need a full outdoor system please visit our Field Systems.

The N2O-R sensor has a protection cap and optimized sensitivity for optimal performance in wastewater and environmental studies.

N2O-R with cap

Ordering information

System components
Power Box
Microsensor In Situ Amplifier Box
In Situ Amplifiers for N2O
Sensor connectors
In Situ Connector
Calibration chamber
SensorTrace Logger (freeware)

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