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Microsensor Multimeter

The Microsensor Multimeter has four channels for amplification of all Unisense microsensors.
At the back of the Microsensor Multimeter you will find battery containers, output for analog and digital signal and USB connectio...
All Unisense microsensors can be used with the Microsensor Multimeter. USB connection ensures smooth data export to PC.
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4-channel microsensor amplifier for all Unisense sensors

The Unisense Microsensor Multimeter is a 4-channel laboratory amplifier that enables you to measure multiple parameters at once. Two channels for amperometric sensors (O2, NO, H2, H2S, N2O, NOx-), one for potentiometric sensors (pH and Redox) and one channel for a temperature sensor give you complete flexibility for your experiments. The Microsensor Multimeter is easy to operate with automatic sensor recognition for most Unisense microsensors, OLED display, and direct communication to PC via USB connection.

Further advantages are:

  • Ease of use and simple data acquisition
  • Automatic sensor detection
  • Operated via OLED display and keypad
  • USB connectivity to Windows PC
  • Battery, external voltage, or mains power operation
  • Free SensorTrace Logger software included

The configuration of the four channels of the Microsensor Multimeter can be customized upon request against a fee to meet your experimental needs.

Ordering information

Microsensor Multimeter
2x pA, 1x mV and 1x Temp channel
Customized Microsensor Multimeter
Customized channel configuration against a fee

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Technical information

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