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Microsensor Monometer

Microsensor Monometer has a single channel for amplification of all Unisense amperometric microsensors.
At the back of the Microsensor Monometer you will find battery containers, output for analog and digital signal and USB connection...
All amperometric Unisense microsensors can be used with the Microsensor Monometer. USB connection ensures smooth data export to PC...
Microsensor Monometer. 
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High-end one-channel amplifier

The Microsensor Monometer is a trimmed version of the Microsensor Multimeter with one channel compatible with all Unisense amperometric (02, NO, H2, H2S, N2O, NOx -) microsensors together with a temperature channel.

If you only need to measure one analyte at a time and would like the freedom to include other amperometric Unisense sensors in your future research, then the Microsensor Monometer is a good and cheaper alternative to the Microsensor Multimeter without compromising features and ease of use.

  • Ease of use and simple data acquisition
  • Automatic sensor detection
  • Operated via OLED display and keypad
  • USB connectivity to Windows PC
  • Battery, external voltage, or mains power operation
  • Free SensorTrace Logger software included

Ordering information

Microsensor Monometer
1x pA and 1x Temp channel

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Technical information

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