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MicroOptode Portfolio

MicroOptode portfolio


High Peformance Oxygen MicroOptode Technology


The NEW Unisense MicroOptode portfolio is powered by in-house technology and delivers unparalleled performance within our core application segments. With full integration into our laboratory systems you get ease-of-use, full featured software and access to multi-analyte studies.

Choosing Unisense MicroOptode portfolio gives you access to the latest development within optical fiber sensor:

  • Zero-noise temperature compensation
    -Accurate oxygen quantification by unmatched temperature compensation
  • Ambient light filtering technology
    -Improved performance under fluctuating ambient light conditions, eg in situ
  • Bleach-protection
    -Novel multi-component modulation improves life-time with 50%
  • Slender 50µm tip
    -Optimized design for true microprofiling
  • Fast 430µm Sensor
    -For EddyCovariance and other applications requiring <0.3s response times
  • E2PROM
    -Plug'N'Play with unique sensor identification and calibration retrieval

Our SensorTrace Suite software suite allows you to combine optical fiber technology with our broad offering of microsensors (eg H2S, N2O, NO, H2, pH, Redox and more) for multi-analyte studies. Thus adding the MicroOptode Portfolio to your MicroProfiling System, MicroRespiration System, or Field Systems, will give you new options, but you will benefit from integration, control and analysis in one combined solution.

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