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Opto UniAmp Systems

Opto UniAmp Systems

The Opto-F1 and Opto-F4 UniAmp systems are compact and economical meters for Unisense MicroOptodes. They provide individual temperature compensation to each MicroOptode using the Opto-Temp sensor.

Both systems are USB-powered and is fully integrated into the Unisense software SensorTrace Suite, allowing you to combine the microoptode technology with our broad microsensor portfolio e.g. H2S, NO, N2O, H2, pH, Redox and more.

  • Zero-noise temperature compensation
    - Accurate oxygen quantification by unmatched temperature compensation
  • Ambient light filtering technology
    - Improved performance under fluctuating ambient light conditions, e.g. in situ
  • Bleach-protection
    - Novel multi-component modulation improves life-time with 50%

Provided with SensorTrace Logger data acquisition software

Ordering information

Product Description
Opto-F1 UniAmp 1 ch microoptode meter
Opto-F4 UniAmp 4 ch microoptode meter

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Technical information

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