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Unisense-the microsensor company

Dear ISME reader

Welcome to Unisense – the microsensor company.

With more than 600 peer-reviewed publications we offer you many years of expertise and a complete product range to study microbial ecology and related disciplines in the lab, field and even under water.

Please get inspired by our list of selected application given on this page or search our database ( for relevant publications. Or simply contact our experts at to see how we can help you to study your sample on a micrometer scale.

Visit to learn more about Unisense product portfolio and request pricing and quotations on

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  • Sensors and Electrodes

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    O2, H2, H2S, N2O, NO, pH, Redox, Temp and more

    High quality microsensors for non-destructive, high spatial measurements are the foundation of our business.

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  • Lab Systems

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    Complete and customizable solutions for microsensor reasearch in your laboratory:
    - Field MicroProfiling System
    - MicroProfiling System
    - MicroRespiration System
    - NanoRespiration System
    - MicroOptode Porfolio

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  • Field Systems

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    Exploit our Systems

    Unisense A/S provides many great solutions to take your microsensor research into the field, under water and even to the very deep sea.

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