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Electric Potential Microelectrode

Measure minute differences in electric potential

The Unisense Electric Potential Microelectrode is an excellent and unique research tool. With a fast response and a tip diameter of 100 µm it is ideal for measuring gradients in electric potential with very high spatial resolution. The signal is shielded very effectively against electrical noise, making it possible to resolve differences in electric potential of a fraction of a mV. The microelectrode may be used at salinities between freshwater and full ocean seawater.  
The Electric Potential Microelectrode was originally invented for measuring extremely small gradients in electric potential in sediments (Damgaard et al., 2014) but may be used in any application for quantifying minute differences in electric potential in microscale and over large distances. 
The Electric Potential Microelectrode is designed for research applications within: 

Microelectrode technology

The Electric Potential Microelectrode measures the difference in electric potential between the tip of the Electric Potential Microelectrode and the reference electrode. The principle is identical to the originally published microelectrode (Damgaard et al., 2014) and the design has been slightly modified for safe shipping. The microelectrode does not require calibration, only a zeroing of the signal under measurement conditions is necessary

Ordering Information

Standard Glass Electrode Outside tip diameter
EP-100 90-110 µm

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