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The Unisense industrial sensors are based on a novel and patent-pending electrochemical principle that ensures exceptional measurement properties and an unparalleled durability even in extreme environments. The Unisense core technology has been applied since the 1980s for research studies in some of the most challenging environments on earth, e.g. under 600 bars of hydrostatic pressure at the sea floor, under the Arctic ice and in the hot springs of Yellow Stone.  Unisense is the guarantee of successful measurements since our technology has been developed with the specific goal of performing measurements in the most extreme environments.

Conventional electrochemical sensors only operate in a very limited range of conditions and notoriously fail in continuous applications with either low or high humidity, low or high temperature, low or high concentration of the analyte, etc. In contrast, the Unisense sensors are resistant to these extreme conditions. Our sensors are capable of continuous gas phase measurements regardless of the relative humidity (0%-100%), and the sensor even has the unique capability of performing dissolved gas measurement, when immersed in liquids such as fresh water, wastewater, dairy products or even crude oil.

The sensor technology is inherently customizable to customer needs, so response time, measurement range (sensitivity and limit of detection) and tolerance to liquids/solvents can be tailor-made for individual applications.