H2S Sensor

Submerged Industrial Sensor. For installations where the sensor is mounted hanging in the signal wire.
In-pipe mounted sensor. Industrial sensor with pipe thread fittings for mounting in pressurized pipes.
Industrial sensor in Swagelok mounted configuration
Industrial sensor in Swagelok mounted configuration - with T-piece
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Ultra fast and robust electrochemical H2S sensor for demanding industrial applications.

The sensor builds on our 20+ years of experience from (H2S) microsensors for demanding research applications. For many industrial applications, robustness and durability are more important parameters than the microscopic positioning precision offered by our research-grade sensors. For such industrial applications Unisense has developed a variety of heavy duty design options for long time monitoring and dosing control.

The unique sensor technology enables in-line measurement in liquids as well as gases, and it operates under harsh conditions such as oxygen-free conditions and high H2S concentration.

We offer our Industrial-grade H2S sensor in the same free-hanging design as our well-known N2O sensor with a replaceable sensor head inside a heavy-duty aluminum alloy casing, and we also offer the H2S sensor in a fixed mounting design of stainless steel for in-line mounting in pressurized pipes.

Call us for customized design and mounting to fit the needs of your special applications.