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About Unisense Environment

Unisense Environment A/S was founded in 2013 with a strict focus on sensor technology for industrial applications. In a World of increasing possibilities for Big Data, data capture from robust and precise sensor systems play a central role in the realization of the fourth industrial revolution. Enabling seamless online measurement and process management is our vision.

We launched the World’s first industrial N2O sensors in 2014, enabling wastewater treatment plants to reduce their real carbon footprint by intelligent energy savings which also take the emission of the harmful climate gas N2O into consideration.

Now we are bringing to market the World’s first all-phase industrial H2S sensors for constant in-line measurement, enabling managers of wastewater networks, biogas, natural gas and oil to effectively measure and manage this highly corrosive, toxic and odorous gas.

The company is a spin-off from Unisense - The world’s leading manufacturer of microsensors.